Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wheeew! I'M finally IN LOVE.

I’m in love. Helloooooo, Can you read me? I said I.AM.IN. LOVE. Come on, this is the point where you Pause, give me *the look*  and then scream...ARE YOU SERiiiiiOUS with a teddy bear hug? Well, I’ve been meaning to tell you and i’m glad i finally have.

Don't even think about it...He's sooooo taken
Hmmm, I’m so in love. I can’t help it. He’s totally off the hook and the Alter will be glad to have us in the next few months. Did i mention, He’s the best thing that ever happened to me since Sound of Music. Funny innit? Check this out, his accent is a mixture of creamy and yummy, his physique is a blend of icy and spicy. This dude is totally and Legally taken, deal with it.

...Slow fade...Well, i think i do love him even though he snores and farts alot (Eeeew), everything has changed ever since we tied the knot. It used to be “My darling” but now it’s “Hey You” or something even worse than that. For every tip toe of a female, he stares with his mouth wide enough to attract a fly. Ah! I fear for my children, Bisi, Prisca and most especially 9month old Temi who is still learning what it means to be a baby boy.  Jovial and fun loving daddy no longer exists as long as the home front is concerned. All that is left of daddy are late nights, bottles of alcohol and a few early mornings with the children almost calling him uncle for a lack of resemblance of the sweet husband and father they once knew.

I want to leave my husband, but i certainly cannot. Tell me, who will be my children’s heroine when their hero is lost? They say God is merciful, it’s a shame i don’t know him well. The last time i tried saying a prayer, i almost made a mess of myself because my repetitions were frustratingly countless and tiring. I want to save my home, really i do. Everything is totally falling apart and if it means me using a rocket to get to God, believe me, i definitely will.

It’s been three months now, and the colours of the rainbow are crystal from where i stand. Who would have thought that Ade, my very own mesmerized, shattered and distracted Ade will return with so much love to his family? I found God, or rather He found me...whichever you choose, there was a finding after all. Just in case you’re reading me, and you’re seriously upset with me, pleaaaaase find it in your heart  to forgive me because, I’M STILL VERY MUCH IN LOVE, in love with that dude; Yes the very totally and legally taken dude i earlier wrote about. You know something, right now it’s totally clear to me, and i can confidently speak of love only because I came face to face with LOVE HIMSELF. God is indeed all we need to have all all our needs met.


.......................MaKe YoUr LiFe CoUnT..........................


  1. Nice conclusion!

    But then, what happen when a man loves his wife so much that he gave up the whole world for her and yet she is still unhappy, no single regard for his person, there is no place for the home and marriage for her, she always threaten him with separation whenever he dare to scold for her wrong attitudes?

    As a woman, can you advice the man cause he is so frustrated as to what to do?

  2. thats its woman of God! deep and refreshing ways of getting on eyes stayed on God! well done Helen!

  3. If he is taken, then i guess it will be unfair on your part to keep loving him. :)

    asr hip recall